Awareness Coaching

Many ask me what is awareness worth and I usually say it is worth living! Yes, awareness must be our driver and I tell you why.

A driver is an intelligent and bright being who can support one’s needs and desires. To be aware is the first step toward succeeding.

Our awareness of ourselves gives us the quality of our role. This is foundamental. Once our awareness sees ourselves than we know what we are, therefore our role will show itself to our eyes.

Awareness is the ability to see inside and outside of us, it is a proactive force generating a new me, the better me.

A better me

Coaching this moment in life

Mindful Life Coaching is about coaching this moment of your life. The moment we ask for coaching, indeed, we should be aware, it is just a moment in our life. So whatever we need at that time is something -talents, skills or abilities – hiding from us in that time of our life. This awareness will shape our attitude toward ourselves and in our personal dialog we can tell ourselves we are worthed, we are good and, indeed, we are even better than that.

With such attitude in mind we solve half of the problem: feeling lost and unworthy.

From then on I take care of the rest. A good dialog will lead me to give you back a slide session, a video, an audio where you can rehearse yourself as you sound from the outside. This support gives a clearer impression of oneself and helps focus on the best of you, the better you!

Once you see yourself clearly we will work on the goals, or main goal, with a method based on 5 steps and move to action.

Life is moving on

LAVORARE con un’azienda TOP

Il bello è fare quello che piace. Se trovi un’azienda etica, sostenibile e di nutraceutica con prodotti TOP allora… vai!

Probabilmente hai trovato quello che fa per te. Se poi lavori da dove vuoi tu con il pc o con gli amici e conoscenti, allora questo lavoro può essere davvero bello.

E poi lo fai quando vuoi tu. Nessuno ti controlla, sei il tuo CEO! Scegli i tuoi tempi, la durata, gli appuntamenti online e lavori con un virtual Office. Bello vero?

Se anche tu stai cercando questa opportunità scrivimi a :